Isla Lounges

Isla Lounges
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Isla Lounges

An environment to cool off. Porto Seguro Airport welcomes Isla Lounges, a location famous for unforgettable holidays and its parties and celebrations, clients will be able to live special moments in this charming destination located in the northeast of Brazil.


A destination that provides exuberant scenery and offers moments of emotions and creates life stories. Porto Seguro, Arraial D’Ajuda, Trancoso, Caraíva and the whole region are destinations that customers can count on the experience of having a space that optimizes their waiting time at the airport.

The proposal:

• Geodesic Dome 21mØ and its Decoration;
• All Electrical Structure, Air Conditioning including assembly and disassembly;
• Operation of Buffet, Reception, Cleaning and Catering.

The VIP Lounge

Porto Seguro Airport has a new proposal to serve its passengers and visitors, Isla Lounges.

A VIP Room in the format as an entertainment and retail complex inspired by nature connected to the airport passenger terminals of each destination. Its centerpiece is the internal vegetation along with its activities and experiences.

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Isla Lounges Operations and How to Access

Between December and March, C6 Carbon customers will have free access to all Lounge services, including a guest.

C6 Carbon holders will enjoy complimentary access to the VIP lounge at Porto Seguro Airport, offering a pleasant, air conditioned environment and can stay for up to four hours. The card holder can offer free access to one guest and up to five other at a fixed price of 48BRL per additional guest, with a limit of six people per card holder. In the case of C6 card customers with no annual fee, access will be upon payment of a fee of BRL60.00/person. Guests for the free account pay the same price as the individual access.

Enjoy your Welcome Drink and relax!

Carbon customers can also enjoy benefits through Mastercard, which gives access to thousands of VIP lounges through the LoungeKey program.

Child does not pay?

Children under 7 years old access the room free of charge.

Where are we located?

We meet at the Porto Seguro Airport terminal – in the outdoor area in front of the parking lot. For you to locate yourself more easily, we explain: Isla is one of the only pre-boarding rooms in the country, that is, it is located before the X-ray equipment.