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FIDS meets your specialized needs with extensive features and total flexibility.

FIDS (Flight Information Display System)

FIDS is a comprehensive system for the display of flight-related information benefiting travelers, airline staff, and others in airports. Its advanced, wide-ranging features include system architecture built on open mission-critical system (OMCS) and the flight information display system (FIDS).

flight information

Flight-related Information

Overview of FIDS (Flight Information Display System)

  • Flight information
  • Security inspection information (restrictions on dangerous goods and liquids, etc.)
  • Ticket counter information

Airport operation-related information

  • Emergency and fire information
  • Airport announcements
  • Directions to restrooms and lounges

Transportation-related information

  • Flight Public transportation information (railways)
  • Road traffic information
  • Station, stop, and stand information for railways, buses, taxis
  • Ticket windows for buses

Useful information

  • Weather
  • News
  • Environmental information