Executive Aviation

Executive Aviation
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Located in one of the main airports in Brazil, our base at Porto Seguro Airport gathers several FBO & handling services, equipment for towing, repairs and maintenance, in addition to a complete infrastructure that has four hangars equipped with VIP rooms, meeting rooms , rooms for pilots, coffee service, flight support, Wi-Fi in all environments, valet parking, 24h security, among others. The Framför Systems management and operation areas are installed on site, in addition to our Operational Control Center (CCO).

Ground Handling

We are a specialist in Ground Handling, offering our customers a differentiated service, focusing on agility and quality in the provision of their aircraft loading and unloading services, baggage screening, cleaning, without leaving aside what is essential, operational safety. Through continuous investment in the qualification of its employees and in the resources used, it stands out in the segment offering the best in the market.

Aircraft Hangar

our bases are prepared to serve customers and executive aircraft safely, quickly and with excellence. Count on the support of trained and experienced professionals, who guarantee the best services in our hangars.

Some services available¹:

  1. Aircraft beaconing and reception (runway attendance);
  2. Supply of external source for engine starts;
  3. Parking*;
  4. Aircraft cleaning;
  5. Drinking water supply;
  6. Ramp services (QTU, QTA, etc.)*;
  7. VIP lounges and crew rooms;
  8. Bedrooms.

Cargo Services

Using state-of-the-art equipment, duly qualified collaborators, ensure the loading and unloading of cargo in cargo aircraft and terminals with all the necessary quality and safety. Everything is handled with agility and care. Allowing deliveries to take place on time without prejudice to the material transported.

VIP Shuttle

Framfor VIP Executive Transport – Serving the entire area of Porto Seguro, Arraial, Trancoso, Espelho Beach, Caraíva and so on. Sit back, relax and enjoy a pleasant, stress-free ride to the airport or your destination.

Our professional and attentive drivers are fully trained to deal with traffic and know the best routes to reach each location. Whether you are leaving Porto Seguro Airport or arriving, we want to eliminate the hassle of your journey. Going home or to a hotel? Our commitment to you is excellent service.

Sanitation Services

Through our own methodology, we were able to effectively clean in a short time, guaranteeing satisfactory results in the cleaning of the aircraft, thus allowing a pleasant trip for its occupants in the next stage.

Also available are the services of drinking water supply, the QTA, and the collection of waste from the toilet, QTU, always with full attention to details, so that everything happens according to the expected quality. The team’s dedication second by second is essential to offer you an unforgettable flight experience.

Executive Services

Another specialty is the service offered to executive aviation, exclusively serving private aircraft and charters with all safety and comfort, which are our registered trademarks. Providing an excellent experience on the ground, with meticulous care in assisting passengers and crew, loading and unloading luggage, assisting at the time of push-back, promoting quick cleaning of the aircraft. Comfort, safety and discretion are essential for a great flight.