Apps & Modules

Apps & Modules
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The Framför AODB system can be incorporated into your data center or accessed over the internet, taking into account your needs and current infrastructure. Either way, the system is continually updated. The system can be a cloud-hosted or on-premises-hosted solution.

The Framför AODB system not only has CDM-ready features, but also has any other merits, like combat control and efficient information sharing, made possible by public address system, corporate website, videotext and terminal monitors (FIDS). This system can be incorporated into accounting software or used to assist with financial control. Alternatively, the Framför AODB system would be effective in overseeing airport matters, including airport duties and support services.

A hybrid-based software suite (cloud and on-premises servers) that connects all airport operations to optimize runway, airspace and resource allocation.

* F-AODB: uses real-time information from combat schedules to help automate operational planning and optimize resources.

* Flight Sequencer: Optimize the order of exit of your booth fights, helping to unlock runway capacity and improve takeoff punctuality.

* FIDS: Displays flight, gate and baggage information on airport screens while earning advertising revenue.

* F-Billing: Handle all your service, billing and billing contracts with a revenue management application that is fully customizable to your needs.

* F-RMS: Maximize the usage and value of each fixed resource, with plans designed to meet your KPIs.

Embrace innovation across your company

AODB modular architecture is fully adaptable to any airport requirements and future expansion needs thanks to its scalability. Therefore, the implementation of AODB guarantees a great return on investment for the entire life cycle of the airport.

* CORE: It provides essential core AODB functionality such as: real-time management, systems administration, basic information management, and integration with external systems.

* REPORTS: Tool to generate reports and indicators on various aspects of airport operation. Report on quality of service indicators. The measurement of the airport operation process is essential for the implementation of a process of continuous improvement. The system allows operating indicators to be defined (such as punctuality, number of fights canceled, etc.) with a corresponding acceptability limit, facilitating advanced quality control by generating alarms and notifying relevant indicators.