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The Framför AODB system can be incorporated into your data center or accessed over the internet, taking into account your needs and current infrastructure. Either way, the system is continually updated. The system can be a cloud-hosted or on-premises-hosted solution.

Reduce up to 48,000 tons
reduced emissions

Fuel reductions of 30-40% (160 kg tons) after low consumption in “low power/low drag” or 3-7 minutes optimized – estimated by MIT University and 1st AIAA study (ATIO).

Hybrid Cloud (Private/Public Cloud)

Framför software can be processed in a variety of ways that best suit the needs of an airport. With hybrid options, ranging from a combination of private and public clouds (AWS/Google), to on-premises server options with public clouds. These options are advantageous according to the availability of scale and rapid expansion of storage for each customer for each need.


The airport database (AODB Framför) can be implemented “ on-premise” allowing the corporation itself to have control of processing and hosting its hardware and software applications in-house. In other words, all the infrastructure, customization, configuration and update is done internally with the options of a “local cloud” or without any internet access.

Modular Architecture

AODB Framför works with a modular system, where through the desired selection of functionalities separated from each other, but that can be used together, as modules. Count on a software that adapts quickly to your needs and is light.

ISO 9001

“ISO 9001 Certificate” allows us to operate in such a way that we meet the requirements of ISO 9001 – which defines an ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS). ISO 9001 assesses whether the Quality Management System is appropriate and effective, while requiring it to identify and implement improvements.

ISO 27001 and 27701

ISO 27701 is an enhancement extension of ISO 27001. The standard provides the data privacy and information security standards required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To efficiently manage privacy, it contains the structure of personally identifiable information (PII) processors and controllers. Implementing ISO 27701 creates our privacy information management systems, or “PIMS” for short.


Airport CDM is implemented in the airport environment by introducing processes that accomplish the objectives of the Elements of Concept.

Processes are described in terms of:
• Rules and procedures
• Input information requirements
• Output information requirements
• Human-Machine Interface (HMI) requirements

Rules and procedures describe what must be done with the information received, what output information to generate and send, and what actions to take in response to specific information or events.